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    Learn JavaScript Programming in 7 Days


    • No Need of Backend of Programming concept, you will learn with easy lesson with examples


    Welcome to Our Course

    “Learn JavaScript Programming in 7 Days”

    I am Faisal Zamir, I created another Course for those, who want to learn JavaScript in a few days. In that course, you will be cleared of each and every concept in the basics of JavaScript with Programming Examples.

    Don’t worry, if you find a few lectures in this course, because we update our course on a regular basis.

    We create videos, and upload them here!

    What is JavaScript?

    JavaScript is the Programming language that is widely used in web designing as frontend controlling, without learning Javascript you cannot become a good web designer

    There is a number of functionality we can build using JavaScript like:

    • Ecommerce functionalities
    • Console application
    • Web Services
    • Game Development
    • And much more

    Why do you take this course?

    The uniqueness of this course is that you will learn JavaScript in just Seven (7) Days with proper cleaning concepts with proper programming examples.

    What you will learn in this course?

    You will learn JavaScript in 7 Days, following topics that we will cover

    • Basics of JavaScript Programming
    • Programming Examples
    • Data Types
    • Programming Examples
    • if-else structure
    • Programming Examples
    • Switch Structure
    • Programming Examples
    • Loops
    • Programming Examples
    • Functions
    • Programming Examples
    • Arrays
    • Programming Examples

    Don’t waste your time, give your important time in learning to develop uniqueness in the world!

    Thank you

    Faisal Zamir

    Who this course is for:

    • Web Designer and Those, who want to start their programming, need such course

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