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    Learn English through Mini Stories


    • Understand basic English


    Learn English through Mini Stories will help you to acquire English through listening to mini stories about everyday life and through doing all the listening activities that facilitate the acquisition process. The course will help you to improve your speaking skills by answering questions about the stories in the present and the past and by practising conversational English in different contexts and situations selected from the story.

    1. Listening tasks are designed to enable you acquire:
    • vocabulary ( collocations, prepositions, …)
    • grammar ( conjugation, modal verbs, … )
    • pronunciation ( modern RP)

    2.  Speaking tasks are designed to enable you to:

    • make small talks without hesitations.
    • answer questions in the present (wh questions, yes/no questions, tag questions & alternative questions).
    • answer questions in the past (wh questions, yes/no questions, tag questions & alternative questions).
    • perform language functions (giving advice, making requests, expressing wishes, reminding people, giving orders and instructions, asking for permission, expressing regret, making suggestions, … etc.).

    How to Use this Course?

    You will read and listen to the story three times to get a good grasp of it. Then, you will listen to the story without reading the written text and do the activities. The listening activities will help you to acquire and consolidate the vocabulary, the grammar and the pronunciation. Next, you will answer questions about the story in the present and the past. You’re given ten (10) seconds to think and answer each question before the answer is displayed. The last activity will give situations taken from the story to practise conversational English.

    Who this course is for:

    • Pre Intermediate learners of English

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