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    Lean Management: Course & certification


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    Being able to deploy Lean Management techniques within an organisation is a skill highly in demand in today’s market. Lean Management enables you to deliver better, more streamlined more efficient processes in a way that minimises disruption to daily operations. It is a methodology packed full with tools and techniques that you can deploy on a daily or project by project basis to:

    – Reduce waste.

    – Realise opportunities.

    – Save time and money.

    – Improve operational performance.

    This course is extremely comprehensive, and is delivered in a way to give you the background, theory and practical all in one place. We will cover the following:

    – How to deploy quality within an organisation.

    – Lean Management broken down into its individual parts.

    – The process of production & all of the key concepts behind this approach.

    – The types of waste that exist, how to identify them and how to solve for them.

    – Various process mapping tools.

    – How to identify and remove physical and digital waste.

    – The 7 basic tools of quality.

    And much more.

    We will also run through a detailed case study example of how your instructor delivered Lean Management within an organisation to ensure you can see practically how this can be done. If you want to understand how to improve operational performance, optimise process improvement and make a significant impact on your organisation’s productivity – this course is for you.

    Who this course is for:

    • Business owners
    • Managers
    • Leaders
    • Consultants
    • Business Improvement Professionals
    • Project Managers
    • Employees of any type of organisation
    • Anyone looking to improve their organisation

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