100% Discount || Laravel 10 – For Beginner to Advanced (2023)

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    Laravel 10 – For Beginner to Advanced (2023)


    • Basic PHP Knowledge
    • Basic HTML, CSS Knowledge
    • Experience To Work With A Code Editor
    • Basic Bootstrap Knowledge
    • Knowledge about local server. For example, xampp, wampp or any
    • Basic of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)


    You know the latest laravel version is now Laravel 9. So we have created a very complete course on Laravel 9.
    If you are new to Laravel or beginner to Laravel, you will be able to learn it in advanced level from this course.

    Here we have taught the students:

    • Composer – Installing composer in local machine, installing package using composer
    • MVC (Model, View, Controller) – How it works and details about this
    • Laravel 9 Installation – Installation process, directory structure and about the .env file
    • Route – Basic route, route parameter, route group, prefix etc.
    • Middleware – How it works, types of middleware, registering etc.
    • Controller – Basic controller, partial and resource controller
    • View – view features (extends, include, yield, section), conditions, loop
    • Working with Database – Connection, model, migration, seeder, fakers etc.
    • Basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system in Laravel 9 – Environment setup, validation, store data, show, edit, delete data from database
    • Image CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system in Laravel 9 – Environment setup, validation, store data, show, edit, delete image from database
    • Using Image Intervention in Laravel 9 – Image crud with intervention image, environment setup, store, delete, edit and show the data
    • Complete Authentication System with Laravel 9 UI – Create project, user registration, email verification, login and logout in authentication, forget password system, reset password system


    Update Log


    Added Tutorial For Laravel 9 to Laravel 10 Version Upgrade – 01 March, 2023

    Who this course is for:

    • Those Who Want To Be A Laravel Developer
    • Students Who Want To Learn Laravel For Their University Projects
    • Experts Who Want To Get A Job In Laravel
    • Those Who Want To Increase Their Knowledge In Programming

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