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    Java Servlets – Complete Course Bundle


    • Good understanding of the Java programming language.
    • A prior basic Knowledge of database and related concepts will be an added advantage


    The main objective of the training is to make you get good hands-on experience on the Java servlet. In the training it covers 6 courses and 12 projects. Some of the concepts covered under this training are Java servlets fundamentals and advanced training, JDBC working with Java servlets, JDBC servlet and JSP and many other topics are covered. The goal of this training is to make you familiar with all the Java servlet concepts and make you learn all the topics by working on projects related to the Java servlet.

    • It starts with the topic of Java servlets fundamentals in this it covers topics like giving an explanation of what is servlet and introduction to it, setting up server tomcat. Servlets mapping the topics dealt with under this are coding servlet, life cycle method explaining the working of getting, and post methods.
    • It also includes the servlet context and servlet config, servlet load on startup, MVC design pattern, and servlet request dispatcher theory.
    • In the advanced training of the java servlets the concepts covered are an introduction to session tracking, tracking cookies, running HTML page on the server, tracking HTTP session, servlets cookies login logout, servlets HTTP session login output, database overview, oracle RDBMS, database constraints, Java servlets JDBC and servlets filters.
    • Java’s new version features (Java 8, 9, and 12) are explained. Java 13 features and installation will be covered along with this the topics like text blocks, additional methods in string class, and switch case enhancement will be explained.
    • Understanding of Java servlet, request processing, HTTP, and how to handle session in servlet will be covered under working with Java servlet topic.
    • JDBC servlet and JSP- In this new features in a servlet, introduction to JSP, understanding JSP, JSP life cycle, examples related to JSP and JSP life cycle, working with JSP basic tags and implicit objects, exploring scripting tags, implicit object, directive tags and examples related to it are covered under this topics.

    Who this course is for:

    • Being a developer-specific course, the target audience for this training certification is the professionals or students who are into development or want to be a developer. But anyone enough curious to learn this course can be the best audience for this course.

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