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    Introduction to Environmental Chemistry

    It would be better if students have basic knowledge of chemistry
    This course is recommended for the students of science and the people who wants to know the basics about the environment and the role which chemistry plays in it.

    This course provide comprehensive guidance to the world of environmental chemistry and how humans and other species are related to it. It will also cover the major challenges the environment is facing directly caused by the human beings and how chemistry will play the part in both causing and finding solution to these major challenges.

    This course will prepare the students who have interest in environment and chemistry to become successful environmental engineers, advisors to governments around the world on climate change and the environmental activists.

    The terms and definitions used in course are very easily understandable for the general public. The language used in course is simple and friendly for all level of students.

    This course will cover,

    Introduction to Environmental Chemistry

    Atmosphere and Its composition

    Role of Pollutants in harming our Environment

    Major Environmental Threats

    Some types of Pollution

    After completion of course students will be able to understand the Environment through lens of chemistry. They will understand the various processes taking place in our environment. They will develop a sense of responsibility which will compel them to take care of the environment and not to use chemicals which are harming our environment.

    Who this course is for:
    Middle School Students
    High School Students
    College Students
    People who want to experience environment through lens of chemistry

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