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    Ignite Your Podcast Power

    Interest in Podcasting
    Internet Connection
    Computer (Desktop, Laptop, Modern Mobile Device)
    Dream of producing a recognized show?

    Want to be known for the interesting stories or ideas you share through podcasting?

    Looking to expand your brand as an influencer?

    Considering an alternative stream of income that is possible through podcasts?

    You can interview your best friends, favorite celebrities, or create your own fiction. The opportunities are endless now in the world of podcasts.

    The goal of this course is to not just tell you what you need to know to start a podcast. We’ll teach you the technology you’ll need to know.

    And beyond that, the skills and resources necessary to keep your podcast growing require much more than just technical knowledge.

    This course combines both the technical and creative concepts around podcasting.

    You’ll get ideas around the business side of podcasting along with recorded video coaching tools, plus bonus content and exercises to help you boost your creativity so you grow your podcast with ease.

    Podcasting truly is an amazing way to grow a brand, get amazing ideas out there, and connect with incredible people.

    And the ideas for podcasts are plenty.

    Whether you’re stuck on what you want to talk about or whether you’ve got a few dozen episodes under your belt and just want some inspiration, this program will help you ignite your podcast power.

    Who this course is for:
    Media entrepreneurs looking to develop a new podcasting brand
    Content publishers looking for more platforms to expand their business
    Actors seeking alternative career routes
    People passionate or enthusiastic about specific or general ranges of topics that they want to talk about

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    Get this Deal

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