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    How to write a Policy Brief


    • Some knowledge of academic research


    Once you have concluded your research, one of the most important things you can do is to disseminate its findings both in academia and beyond. With that in mind, an effective way to convey the key findings of your study (especially among non-academic stakeholders) is through the publication of a Policy Brief.

    This document is usually much shorter than a conventional journal article, is written in jargon-free language to be accessible to a broad audience and, as much as possible, also explores visual components to make it even easier to be assimilated.

    Furthermore, Policy Brief comprises a research output whose importance has been on the rise within the past decade and the pace might continue over the next years. Yet, surprisingly enough, not many researchers have been paying too much attention to this aspect and are missing a valuable opportunity to create a real impact with their research findings.

    Consequently, in this course, which you usually do not find available in many places, you are going to learn the most important aspects related to how to develop a good Policy Brief. Among the several topics covered, you will be well informed about what is the purpose of this document, how it can benefit your research career, how to develop a solid and engaging Policy Brief, and how to monitor its dissemination results among a cohort of stakeholders.

    So, do not miss this opportunity to generate impact and engagement with your research findings and register today.

    Who this course is for:

    • Mostly for university students (undergraduate, postgraduate, masters’ PhD), people involved in academic research and those involved or interested in promoting research findings.

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