100% Discount || How to teach history by using food/beverages.

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    How to teach history by using food/beverages.


    • Thirst for learning and hunger to try!


    In this course, we will see some examples of food, recipes or drinks and beverages and how we can retrieve historical information from them. If you want to teach history, if you want to transform dinners into an experience or if you generally have an interest in food and history then this is the course for you. We will not focus on historical facts or how to teach but on how to use food in order to provide your audience with historical facts. As I always say food is universal and unite people so there is no better way to teach history than using by using food. No matter what is your favourite food or drink I am sure it hides an amazing story that is waiting for you to reveal. It can be something that you think is totally traditional from your country but maybe the ingredients have travelled all around the world before they arrived at your country like tomato which arrived from Mesoamerica and became part of the Mediterranean diet, or paprika or the spices that came from the Indian Penisula. There are so many examples! So if you have a hunger to learn more let’s go!

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who is interesting around food and beverages and anyone who want to use them to tell a story.

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