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    How to Paint Helmets with brush and enamel paint

    How to Paint Helmets with brush and enamel paint

    Step by step Helmet Paint from Scratch to finish




    • Some painting stuff that can be found easily


    It’s every biker’s dream to be able to personalize their gear. Whether you’re looking for an 80s design, the timeless 1970s lettering or crazy character on it, this is a unique opportunity!

    The techniques used in this course will also allow you to paint any type of surface, from gas tanks and and bicycles to helmets. When you take away your helmet — WHAM — no one else can ever have the same design as yours. Now that’s artistic pride right there (and some sweet street cred).

    I’ll show you just how easy it is; no prior experience or talent required when it comes down to hand-painting anything with brush and enamel paint.

    Everything you need to customize a helmet (or anything else really) from materials, to preparation, and exactly in which order to apply the colors. It’s all shown and described in detail.

    The paint used in this video is enamel paint. That don’t need to be clear coated afterwards.

    Some enamel paint brands include 1Shot, and Alpha 6. Both used by professional custom painters world wide, and pretty easy to get hold of.

    If you don’t already have paint links to finding suppliers near you is provided within the course.

    About the instructor

    Jesper Bram, from Denmark, have worked as a custom painter from US and Europe to Japan.

    Hundreds of tanks, helmets, car parts and all kind of other stuff caries his artwork.

    Often Jesper have been referred to as the number one pinstriper in Denmark, and he’s the only Danish artist to have been invited to the prestigious Mooneyes Yokohoma Hot Rod Custom Show in Japan.

    Bram likes to keep things simple, and have tought many artist the techniques that you are going to learn in this video.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who are excited about customising helmets with paint jobs


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