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    How To Enter The Reality?


    • To have an open mind and heart


    Welcome to the course! How to enter the reality? To let go of your ego.

    This course was created to help spiritual seekers who are in their final phase of their spiritual development to take the leap of faith into entering the reality. The entire journey of spirituality has been to arrive at the ultimate reality.

    Many of you have come across, love, awareness, mind, compassion etc during your spiritual journey and have expanded them to help others, heal others and yourself. But what is the ultimate destination in spirituality? Where does it all lead to? Where does spirituality finally terminate? If it is these questions you have been asking or enquiring then this course is ideal for you.

    In this course you will enquire into what reality is? How does one arrive there? What are the main obstacles preventing us from entering the reality? How does one dissolve these obstacles? There are simple explanations and differences explained in this course which can help the students in understanding the pathway to reality.

    Understanding about our ego, our identities and dreams seems to be the main problems in our lives leading us to many confusions and distress. Hence this course clearly explains the differences and benefits of recognising these concepts and ideas which can help us to move closer to the reality.

    Who this course is for:

    • This course is for advanced students of spirituality looking to finally identify their ego
    • This course is for spiritual seekers looking to take that leap of faith into reality
    • This course is for students looking to wakeup from their dreams

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