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    How to Become a Life Coach – Is Training Needed?



    • Interested in becoming a life coach.
    • No coaching experience required. Just enroll and learn.
    • Self-awareness or working on developing self-awareness.
    • Already a life coach and want to see what another one has to say and how she does it.
    • Just want to know what life coaching is about.


    Are you thinking of becoming a coach? Or are you already a coach and want an inexpensive way to peep into another coach’s views and learning about coaching.

    I will teach you much of what I know about being a coach and attracting clients, etc. I can teach you all of that but be willing and able to put the time in to make it happen. Like every service and every product, you will have to either hire someone to help you with marketing or if you use a company like Kajabi, they have the ability to offer online classes and create your website with all the things you need for marketing – email marketing, etc. Ask me and I will suggest other resources that are available to help you get started.

    In my program, I have a course online on my Kajabi site called YOU University. It contains all that I teach my clients so they can heal emotionally. They work independently on that and we meet weekly for our coaching call so they can ask questions and tell me how it’s going and I can see what progress they are making in their learning.

    We all seem to have this magical thing I call “attraction power”. It’s a mystery. Maybe it’s karma. Maybe it’s what you chose before you incarnated into you. Maybe if you work the Law of Attraction, it will get you what you want. It’s as if we live on two levels – the human and the spiritual. So we need to pay attention to both – no matter your way of doing so.

    I don’t know if any business is easy but I do know that it is about attracting and working with clients – working with them in a unique way so that their experience is everything it can be. That means that you will be honing your skills and growing as a coach and a human being for as long as you live. And the more you attract a client, the more chance there is of referrals.

    You can apply this course learning to any kind of coaching or you can use it to complete some of the requirements to be a YOU University Coach. Look for the website with my name Maia Berens.

    Who this course is for:

    • This course is intended for anyone who wants to be a life coach or wants to investigate the possibility.
    • It would also work for current coaches to get some reminders, some other coaches’ views and some things they may not have thought of.
    • People interested in learning about Emotion-Based Coaching and Maia Berens prior to contact with her.

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