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    Heart Centered Reiki/The Art & Signs of Spiritual Awakening

    What you’ll learn

    • Receive newly channeled information about the ascension process of your soul.
    • Discover the indicators, signs, and symptoms of your ascension process.
    • Obtain powerful tools to navigate your way toward spiritual consciousness.
    • Learn about the divine frequencies of DNA integrating with your physical body.
    • Remember the process of resurrecting your cellular memories.
    • Explore your conscious connections with everything around you and how you can claim an abundant life.
    • Learn to easily and effectively release old patterns or belief systems.
    • Claim new found spiritual awareness for your ascension process.

    Course content

    3 sections • 64 lectures • 6h 45m total length

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    • Your Student Manual – PDF Download


    • Are You Awake?


    • Your Story – Your Awakening

      1 question

    • The Signs of Awakening


    • The Race to Ascension


    • The Two Shall Become One


    • The House of Your Soul


    • Doing Inventory of Your House

      1 question

    • The Divine Frequencies of DNA


    • Our Full Divine Expression


    • The God Code


    • The God Code of Your Heart

      1 question

    • Resurrecting Your Cellular Memory


    • Your Family Tree


    • Our Conscious Observations


    • The Death of You


    • A Vibrational Shift


    • Navigating into Awareness



    • Students are invited to have an open mind and heart while engaged in this course.
    • Students are encouraged to participate in the suggested material for best possible results.


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    Are you awake? Individuals just like you are going through life challenging shifts toward their spiritual awakening and ascension. As a result, many are experiencing broken relationships, anxiety, changes in belief systems, and extreme levels of uncertainty. As humanity moves toward evolved states of consciousness, our old lives are being dismantled as we move into a new age.

    With so much uncertainty on the horizon and what is most certainly a challenging time for all, don’t lose heart. In this course,  “The Art & Signs of Spiritual Awakening – The 21 Signs it’s Your Time,” we will delve into the unknown through newly channeled information regarding humanities awakening and ascension. Also available in book format on amazon!

    In this unique course, we invite you to explore the process of your spiritual awakening, along with your timely ascension. We will be delving into newly channeled information that will boldly challenge your current belief systems. We will cover the process of ascension and how it is occurring for every soul as our spiritual DNA seeks to merge and integrate with our physical DNA. We will explore what parts of you must die in order to ascend to your highest self for rebirth.

    Learn what it means to be superhuman. Learn what indicators, signs, or symptoms may be showing up in your life, right now or in the near future and how to navigate your way through them. In the material laid out in this course, you will expand your spiritual awareness by applying the practical tools offered. The time has come for you to shift with the vibrational changes of this planet.

    Just how awake are you? Find out in this course! Are you ready?

    Contact cent for your free certificate upon completion!


    • Introduction – Welcome To The Course
    • The Earthquake in My House
    • Are You Awake?
    • The Process of Awakening
    • The Signs of Awakening
    • The Race to Ascension
    • The Two Shall Become One
    • The House of Your Soul
    • The Divine Frequencies of DNA
    • Our Conscious Communion
    • Our Full Divine Expression
    • The God Code
    • Resurrecting Your Cellular Memory
    • Your Family Tree
    • Our Conscious Observations
    • The Death of You
    • A Vibrational Shift
    • Navigating into Awareness
    • Indicator – Unchanneled Energy
    • Balancing Unchanneled Energy
    • Indicator- Erratic Sleep Patterns
    • Balancing Erratic Sleep Patterns
    • Indicator – Changes in Diet Preferences
    • Balancing Changes in Diet Preferences
    • Indicator – Changes in Lifestyle
    • Balancing Changes in Lifestyle
    • Indicator – Displacement or Upheaval
    • Balancing Displacement or Upheaval
    • Indicator – Letting Go of Outcomes
    • Balancing Letting Go of Outcomes
    • Indicator – Changes in Belief Systems
    • Balancing Changes in Belief Systems
    • Indicator – Deeper Growth and Learning
    • Balancing Deeper Growth and Learning
    • Indicator – Changes in Reactions
    • Balancing Changes in Reactions
    • Indicator – Letting Go of Judgement
    • Balancing Letting Go of Judgement
    • Indicator – Letting Go of Fear
    • Balancing Letting Go of Fear
    • Indicator – Magnification of The Seven Senses
    • Balancing Magnification of The Seven Senses
    • Indicator – Increased Emotional Awareness
    • Balancing Increased Emotional Awareness
    • Indicator – Increased Sensitivity Toward Self and Others
    • Balancing Increased Sensitivity Toward Self and Others
    • Indicator – Increased Spiritual Awareness
    • Balancing Increased Spiritual Awareness
    • Indicator – Increased Intuition/ESP/Telepathy
    • Balancing Increased Intuition/ESP/Telepathy
    • Indicator – Increased Physical Energy
    • Balancing Increased Physical Energy
    • Indicator – Vibration or Buzzing Within the Body
    • Balancing Vibration or Buzzing Within the Body
    • Indicator – Rotation of The Chakras
    • Balancing Rotation of The Chakras
    • Indicator – Vivid Spiritual Dreams or Visions
    • Balancing Vivid Spiritual Dreams or Visions
    • Indicator – Feeling Deep Connections – One with All
    • Balancing Feeling Deep Connections – One with All
    • Living In the Moment of Right Now
    • The Paradigm Shift

    Who this course is for:

    • This course is designed for all individuals regardless of culture, belief systems, race, gender, or place in the world.
    • This is a global course was channeled to support humanities awakening and spiritual ascension.
    • This course is for anyone who has been experincing feelings of displacement, restlessness, or change.
    • This course is for seekers of newly channeled information pertaining to spiritual consciousness.
    • This course is for anyone wishing to improve the quality of their life with positive results.

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