100% Discount || Heart Attack and Diabetes Prediction Project in Apache Spark

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    Heart Attack and Diabetes Prediction Project in Apache Spark


    • Apache Spark basic and Scala fundamental knowledge is required and SQL Basics along with Machine Learning basics
    • Following browsers on Windows, Linux or macOS desktop:
    • Google Chrome (Latest version), Firefox (Latest version), Safari (Latest version), Microsoft Edge* (Latest version)
    • Internet Explorer 11* on Windows 7, 8, or 10 (with latest Windows updates applied)
    • *You might see performance degradation for some features on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
    • The following browsers are not supported:
    • Mobile browsers.
    • Beta, “preview,” or otherwise pre-release versions of desktop browsers.


    Apache Spark Project – Heart Attack and Diabetes Prediction Project in Apache Spark Machine Learning Project (2 mini-projects) for beginners using Databricks Notebook (Unofficial) (Community edition Server)

    In this Data science Machine Learning project, we will create

    1) Heart Disease Prediction

    2) Diabetes Prediction

    using a few algorithms of the predictive models.

    • Explore Apache Spark and Machine Learning on the Databricks platform.
    • Launching Spark Cluster
    • Process that data using a Machine Learning model (Spark ML Library)
    • Hands-on learning
    • Real time Use Case
    • Create a Data Pipeline
    • Publish the Project on Web to Impress your recruiter
    • Graphical  Representation of Data using Databricks notebook.
    • Transform structured data using SparkSQL and DataFrames
    • Data exploration using Apache Spark

    1) Heart Disease Prediction using Decision Tree Classification Model

    2) Diabetes Prediction using Logistic Regression Model and One-vs-Rest classifier (a.k.a. One-vs-All) Model

    A Real time Use Case on Apache Spark

    About Databricks:

    Databricks lets you start writing Spark ML code instantly so you can focus on your data problems.

    Who this course is for:

    • Beginner Apache Spark Developer, Bigdata Engineers or Developers, Software Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist

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