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    Happy parents happy kids parenting course

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    This course will nurture a better, peaceful atmosphere at home. Enhance your well-being of you as a parent and, in turn, the well-being of your children that will enrich the quality of your relationship with your child/children. This course will create more room for understanding and less room for tension and conflicts, by promote healthier coping skills and constructive responses, to not only your children but people around you. This course will help you regulate and manage your own emotions, by providing techniques for feeling more grounded and in control of situations. It will support your personal journey towards self-development and emotional health, by reducing anxiety and will explore different parenting styles, supporting a guide to staying calm amongst the chaos.

    You will be able to apply your new knowledge and skills to better regulate your emotions, making you more aware of your own personal triggers and automatic responses. It will allow you to replace those unhealthy responses with more constructive ones.

    In this online course, we will take a deep-dive into self-awareness so that you can take a look at your own reactive behaviours and help you rewire your brain the way that you deal with your children so that you can go from crazy to calm in your home.

    At a deeper level, it’s recognizing the problems that you create for yourself and finding strategies to fix them. Being aware of yourself also helps in identifying what your stressors are, so you can utilize the information to build effective coping mechanisms.

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