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    Getting started with Azure Cloud


    • Basic knowledge of web apps, database and virtual machines.


    Important notice: The current version of this course is a preview, thus it is not yet complete. However more modules will be added each week.

    Microsoft Azure cloud is a cloud platform for deploying enterprise applications. It have very rich set of services organized around categories like PaaS (Azure App Service, fully managed database services like Azure SQL Database for SQL Server, for Postgres, and even no SQL database like Cosmos DB), IaaS (like virtual machines…), CaaS (like Web App for containers, ACI, ACR, Container Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service AKS, ACR) and Serverless (like Azure Functions, Logic Apps…).

    1. Course intro
    2. What is the cloud
    3. Create a subscription
    4. Azure portal
      1. Tour of the portal
      2. Azure subscription (RBAC, cost)
    5. Azure App Service & Plan
      1. Introduction
      2. Demo: Create Web App
      3. Deploy .NET 6.0 Web App using VS Code
    6. Azure CLI
    7. IaC with ARM templates
    8. IaC with Azure Bicep
    9. IaC with Terraform
    10. Cost of Azure services
      1. Cost management
      2. FinOps for cloud
    11. DevOps for Azure
      1. DevOps with Azure Pipelines
      2. DevOps with Github Actions
    12. Container services
      1. Web App for containers
      2. ACI
      3. Container apps
      4. AKS
      5. ACR
    13. Storage services
      1. Storage account
      2. SQL Server & Database
      3. Cosmos DB
      4. MySQL
      5. Postgres
    14. Compute services
      1. Virtual machine
    15. Network services
      1. VNET & Subnet
      2. Load Balancer
      3. Traffic Manager
      4. Front Door
      5. Application Gateway
    16. Security Services
      1. Key Vault
      2. Defender for Cloud
      3. DDOS protection
      4. Azure Firewall
    17. Azure Arc
      1. Arc enabled for Servers
      2. Arc enabled for Kubernetes
      3. Arc enabled for Database
    18. Governance
      1. Mannagement group
      2. Subscription
      3. Resource group
    19. AuthN & AuthZ with Azure AD & RBAC
      1. Intro to Azure AD
      2. Service Principal
      3. Managed Identity
      4. Azure AD users & groups
      5. Assign roles
      6. Custom roles
    20. Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) & Landing Zone
    21. Resources
      1. Architecture center

    Who this course is for:

    • Beginner Cloud and DevOps engineers

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