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    Fundamentals of Manufacturing Materials, Processes & Systems


    • The only requirement for this course is your interest to learn the manufacturing process.


    CMfgE ( Certified Manufacturing Engineer) is an advanced credential for experienced manufacturing engineers. CMfgEs demonstrate knowledge in such areas as mathematics and engineering sciences and materials, manufacturing processes, design and development, quality control, and management.

    This course covers the topics of engineering sciences and materials, manufacturing processes, design and development, and quality control of materials in manufacturing that are required for passing the certification Exam of CMfgE.


    The course is also enough for Engineering Students who want to cover these topics for their studies or want to revise the topics for their Interviews.


    Introduction to Manufacturing: Types of manufacturing industries, materials used in manufacturing and properties of materials, different processing operation.

    Sand Casting:

    • Introduction: Sand casting, molding, heating, pouring, solidification, and cooling. Pattern: making, material, types, construction, pattern allowances.
    • Core: making, types, sand conditioning, testing of the sand, molding process, tools and equipment, molding machines, different types of casting, cleaning and finishing of castings, an inspection of castings.

    Permanent Mold Casting (PMC): Introduction, types of PMC, gravity die casting, and its types. Pressure die casting, Centrifugal casting, and their types. Furnaces used in PMC.

    Metal Forming:
    Fundamentals, Types, hot, warm, and cold working.
    Bulk Deformation Processes:

    • Rolling; rolled products, rolling types: flat, shape, thread, gear, ring rolling, and rolling mill configurations.
    • Forging; open die, impression die, press, upset, roll, net shape, isothermal forging and swaging.
    • Extrusion; solid & hollow shapes, direct & indirect, hot & cold, continuous & discrete, impact extrusion, hydrostatic.
    • Drawing; bar, wire, tube drawing and its types tike tube sinking, fixed mandrel, floating plug.
      Other metal forming processes; roll extrusion, riveting, staking, peening, coining, hubbing, burnishing.

    Sheet metal forming processes: Shearing operations: slitting, blanking, piercing, cutoff, parting, dinking, slotting, perforating, notching, semi-notching, lancing, nibbling, trimming, shaving, fine blanking. Bending operations: V bending, edge bending, flanging, curling, hemming, seaming. Drawing operations like deep and shallow drawing, embossing.

    Welding Processes: Classification, Fusion welding and its types such as oxyfuel gas welding and oxygen torch cutting, arc welding (shielded metal, flux-cored, gas metal, submerged, gas tungsten, plasma, stud welding, Arc cutting), resistance welding (spot, seam and projection. Heating, pressure, current control and power supply for resistance welding).
    Solid-state welding and its types include diffusion welding, friction welding, and ultrasonic welding.

    • Other welding processes: Forge, Roll, Friction, Explosion, Thermic, Electron beam, Laser welding and cutting, Brazing and Soldering.

    Fabrication of Plastics: Casting, Blow molding and its types, Compression molding, Transfer molding, Cold molding, Injection molding: Injection molding machine, mold design, and construction, types of mold, cooling and ejection of mold, Reaction injection molding, Welding of plastics.

    In the end, there are videos that are videos related to the course for better understanding.



    Lecture 1

    • Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
    • What is manufacturing
    • Manufacturing Industries
    • Manufacturing Products
    • Production Quantity and Product variety
    • Materials in Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing Processes (Processing operations and Assembly operations)

    Sand Casting:

    Lecture 2

    • Overview of casting technologies
    • Difference between casting and molding
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of casting processes
    • Casting Processes (Expendable mold casting and permanent mold casting)

    Lecture 3

    • Sand casting and Engineering analysis of sand casting y sand
    • Pouring and Engineering Analysis of Pouring
    • Flow rate and time required to fill the mold
    • Fluidity
    • Solidification and Cooling

    Lecture 4

    • Solidification of pure metals and alloys (Alloys and Eutectic Alloys)
    • Solidification time and Shrinkage
    • Directional Solidification

    Lecture 5

    • Riser Design with Exercise Problems.

    Lecture 6

    • Pattern for casting
    • Materials used for pattern
    • Types of pattern
    • Mold making and Classification of sand molds
    • What is foundry sand?

    Lecture 7

    • Buoyancy Force
    • Metal casting processes
    • Shell molding
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Shell molding
    • Vacuum molding
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Vacuum molding
    • Expanded Polystyrene Casting
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Expanded Polystyrene Casting
    • Investment casting
    • Plaster and Ceramic Mold casting


    Lecture 8

    • Types of pattern allowance (Shrinkage and contraction allowance, Draft allowance, Machining allowance, and Distortion allowance)
    • Permanent mold casting and its Applications.
    • Slush casting
    • Low-pressure casting
    • Vacuum permanent mold casting
    • Die casting (Hot and cold chamber die casting)
    • Advantages and Limitations
    • Centrifugal casting and Semi centrifugal casting

    Lecture 9

    • Furnaces
    • Cupolas Furnace
    • Direct Fuel Fired Furnace
    • Crucible Furnace
    • Electric Arc Furnace
    • Induction Furnace


    Lecture 10

    • Fundamentals of metal forming
    • Types of deformation processes of metal
    • Bulk deformation (Rolling, Forging, Extrusion, Wire Drawing)
    • Sheet metal working
    • Stress-Strain Curve
    • Derivation of the relation between stress and strain
    • Flow stress and Average flow stress
    • The temperature in metal forming (Cold working and Hot-working)
    • Recrystallization
    • Iso thermal forming (recovery and Grain growth)
    • Strain rate Sensitivity

    Lecture 11

    • Introduction of rolling
    • Shapes used for rolling
    • Types of rolling
    • Working on the rolling process
    • Analysis of the rolling
    • Rolling mills
    • No-Slip Point for rolling
    • Flatness control and rolling defect

    Lecture 12

    • Numerical Problems related to the rolling process

    Lecture 13

    • Introduction to forging
    • Classification of forging
    • Types of forging
    • Analysis of the forging
    • Barreling effect in forging
    • Open Die forging and its practices
    • Impression Die forging and its practices
    • Advantages and Limitations of Impression Die forging
    • Fleshless forging
    • Forging Press and Forging Hammers

    Lecture 14

    • Numerical Problems related to the forging process


    Who this course is for:

    • ll concepts are introduced slowly and gradually, but comfort with thinking analytically will be helpful.
    • Engineering students and professionals who want to level up their skills.
    • Engineers in Mechanical, Manufacturing, Industrial, Electrical and other related fields looking for a way out of traditional processes for their projects and products.
    • Anyone starting their career in the manufacturing and production world.

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