100% Discount || Full Stack Web Development with C# OOP, MS SQL & ASP.NET MVC

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    Full Stack Web Development with C# OOP, MS SQL & ASP.NET MVC


    • Desire to learn C# OOP, MS SQL and MVC
    • A Windows or Mac for installing all the free software and tools needed to practice
    • Basic C# Knowledge
    • Visual Studio 2019
    • SQL Server Management Studio
    • No Prior Database OR SQL experience is required.
    • Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your ambition to get started today


    Hello there,

    Welcome to Full Stack Web Development with C# OOP, MS SQL & ASP.NET MVC course.

    • Do you want to build web apps, mobile apps,  games


    • Do you want to succeed with clean coding, agile, and design patterns?

    If your answer is Yes then you have to master Web Development. And you are definitely at the right place.

    C# Object-oriented programming is the foundation of many current application development approaches. Interfaces and principles of object-oriented programming are crucial. During my course, you will learn everything, from A to Z, about C# Object-Oriented Programming on real C# projects.

    In this course, we use interactive programming techniques; which means we will be building applications together, and furthermore there will be lots of work to be done, of course, followed by answers. You will also learn tips and tricks regarding beautiful and efficient coding techniques.

    SQL is the standard language for Relation Database System. All relational database management systems like SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, and others use SQL as the standard database language. SQL is used to communicate with a database.

    In this course, you will make an excellent introduction to SQL with MS Management Studio which allows to manage database and retrieve data from the database with a graphical interface.

    You will also learn MVC so you will need basic C# knowledge to get the most efficient from this training. But of course, I will explain all codes in detail.

    You will start learning MVC from scratch and you will examine all concepts one by one with real-world projects. Then together we will make a dynamic web project with 4 tier architecture page by page.

    You will also learn to use ready-made templates with our project. When you finished the project, you will be learning how to use GitHub with Visual Studio and how to publish a project on the web. Besides that, you will learn how to make an Android App from a web site with a web view.

    That`s why you are at a great place to start with OOP with C#


    Who this course is for:

    • Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your ambition to get started today
    • Anyone who wants to improve their programming skills
    • Anyone who wants to build object oriented and / or windows forms applications
    • Anyone who is interested in developing software with a design pattern
    • Anyone who wants to understand the elements of full-stack software development
    • Anyone who wants to start learning SQL Server Basics
    • Anyone who wants to better understand how databases work
    • Anyone who plans a career in Microsoft SQL Server database
    • People who wants to learn MVC
    • Anyone who wants to develop .NET applications
    • Students who want to make a professional web project
    • People who want to apply N- tier architecture in a project
    • Anyone who want to learn a web backend to use in mobile programming

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