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    FEMA 1999 & Foreign Exchange Regulations In India


    • Those desirous of taking this course are expected to already know the basics of exports and imports.
    • Prior knowledge of foreign exchange market and transnational payments will be helpful


    FEMA 1999 & FX Regulations in India is a VJ Exports Mastery Series Course. This is a revolutionary and most effective specialized course is meant for persons who have anything to do with Foreign Exchange in India. Since India’s journey from FERA to FEMA coincides with the economic growth story of this most exciting emerging large free market in the world. And with the largest young population. Therefore, it makes great sense to learn the subjects covered in this course.


    Basics of FEMA – a masterclass by Dr. Vijesh Jain is a specialized course. And it is intended to train the students to the working knowledge and understanding of FEMA. At the same time, this course also throws light on the current Foreign Exchange regulations in India. Therefore, the course will make you understand the theme and approach of the provisions of FEMA. And how and why it is what it is.

    Incidentally, FEMA is the only dossier of the foreign exchange regulations in India which governs all transactions that take place in the country whether official or unofficial. Therefore, this course will traverse through the historical perspective of the subject. And take you through the journey and story of the various provisions which are created to encourage and facilitate foreign trade. And foreign dealings between the residents and nonresidents of this country with the world around us. Using certain case studies and examples the course teaches the concepts more interestingly.

    Topics Covered:

    Foreign Exchange regulations in India, post-independence

    FERA to FEMA 1999

    Resurgence of India

    Basic concepts of FEMA 1999

    • Objectives of FEMA
    • The ecosystem of FEMA 1999
    • Structure of various sections in FEMA

    Balance of Payment

    • All Current Account Transactions
    • Capital Account Transactions

    Residential status

    • Who is Resident?
    • FEMA vs Income Tax Act of India

    Classification of Transactions in FEMA 1999

    • Several Current Account Transactions under FEMA
    • Capital Account Transactions under FEMA 1999
    • Liberalized Remittance Scheme

    FX Denominated Bank accounts for residents and nonresidents

    • Type of Bank Accounts for Non Residents
    • Different Types of Bank Accounts for Residents

    Contravention of FEMA

    Case Study

    Highlights of FEMA 1999

    Course-related important keywords

    • Foreign Exchange Management
    • Foreign Remittance
    • Accounting in India
    • FERA
    • Currency Exchange
    • FEMA regulations
    • Outword remittance
    • FEMA act
    • Foreign Exchange Dealers
    • Foreign Exchange Authority
    • Legal India
    • NRO Account
    • FEMA guidelines
    • India Company Tax
    • Legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions
    • NRI returns in India
    • SWIFT foreign exchange
    • FEMA law India
    • Business in India FEMA
    • Capital Account
    • Foreign Policy
    • Foreign Exchange by iibf
    • Banks in India
    • Foreign Exchange Risks
    • Principles of Foreign Exchange
    • RBI Foreign Exchange
    • FEMA RBI
    • Current Exchange
    • Foreign Accounting
    • Foreign Exchange Compliance
    • Foreign Exchange Operations
    • International trade
    • Foreign Exchange Law
    • Resident
    • Dropship India
    • Foreign Diplomacy

    What do you get with the course?

    • Lifetime access to the course
    • Lifetime course updates
    • Verified 2-certificate of completion
    • Quizzes and Assignments
    • Udemy Money Back Guarantee
    • Course captions in different foreign languages

    About the instructor

    The instructor of this course Dr. Vijesh Jain is a seasoned professional in FX operation and international business management. And, he has more than 30 years of industry and research experience in this field. Also, he is an alumnus of IIFT, BITS, BIMTECH, Harvard University, and other reputed institutes. Additionally, he has written several books and research papers on the subject.

    Who this course is for:

    • Exporters & importers
    • FX dealers
    • Bank employees dealing with FX
    • Global investors
    • FII managers
    • International fund managers
    • Financial analysts
    • All those who wish to setup their own global business and digital marketing platform across the borders.

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