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Expressive Drawing, Painting & Mixed Media Techniques Course

If you are new to drawing and have trouble drawing the eye or face in three of the projects, we suggest enrolling our Complete Drawing Masterclass here on Udemy, as an unofficial prerequisite, but it is not required if you want to get started
Materials (with links) are covered in the first section, but required materials include paper, pencil, and some kind of paint such as watercolor and acrylic, to follow along with the techniques. Charcoal, pastel, ink, pens and makers are also suggested.
A willingness to learn by following along and having fun working with the various materials to produce expressive art
If you have trouble sketching the eye or face in three of the projects, we show how to use transfer or trace instead, but we do not go over the forms and subforms of the eye like we do in our unofficial prerequisite here on Udemy, the Drawing Masterclass, that we also teach. This class is more about expressive materials and methods!
Welcome to the expressive drawing, painting, and mixed media techniques masterclass! In this online artistic drawing and painting course, you will apply creativity and learn various dynamic mark making techniques in various drawing, painting, and mixed media projects.

You will learn how materials such as graphite, charcoal, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, India ink, ink pens and markers, and pastel can work individually or with each other in order to produce beautiful, amazing works of art. There are specific considerations for each of these materials, and by completing this course, you will become a “materials master”! I also show how to use optional materials such as water, rubbing alcohol, acetone, denatured alcohol, vellum paper, unique mark making tools such as feathers and mop brushes, and masking materials such as painter’s tape, rubber cement, and masking fluid.

However, if you only have access to paper, pencil, and some paint such as watercolor or acrylic, that is okay as well! I demonstrate these techniques and how they can be applied across a variety of mediums with a variety of mark making, erasing, and blending tools.

This course also allows you to practice creativity and expressiveness as you draw and paint in various artistic projects.

By the time you complete this expressive drawing and painting course, you will have produced a portfolio of amazing drawings, paintings, and mixed media works of art, including expressive and creative landscapes, portraits, still life drawings, and much, much more.

Once you enroll in this course, you get:

Lifetime access to all of the content, including over 8 hours of on-demand, helpful video demonstrations and instruction.

Various PDF handouts and support files.

Access to our exclusive Drawing Club forum, for helpful feedback and critique from peers and me, the instructor of this course, Jonathan Simon.

Who this course is for:
Artists and students who want to learn how to effectively and creatively work with materials including graphite pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink, pens and markers, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, and more.
People how want to make expressive and creative art, using dynamic mark making, blending, erasing, and layering techniques
People who want to paint, draw, and produce mixed media art for fun
Graphic design and visual art professionals who want to learn more art techniques to add to their toolkit

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