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    English Speaking Course: English at pre-intermediate level


    • For best quality of reception you need good laptop, a tablet or a phone with good speakers or headphones for correct pronunciation.
    • Previous knowledge of basic English is necessary.
    • For good results It is advisable to spend 30-40 minutes every day in order to have continuation in the learning process.


    If you want to improve your English skills and continue studying the language this is the best course for you.

    At the end of this course, you will complete the A2 level.

    Why our English course is better than the others:

    · Here you will learn how to describe objects and people using typical phrases in whole sentences.

    · Students will practice a range of vocabulary and verbs in everyday constructions.

    · You get a chance to practice correct pronunciation with a Native Speaker.

    · Students also get a chance to read longer sentences and whole paragraphs with correct sentence rhythm.

    · Students learn a lot of collocations (words that go together).

    · Here students practice talking about Past actions (completed or in progress) and also about Past habits (Used to).

    · Students learn the difference between and compare different grammar constructions (Present simple vs Present continuous).

    · You will learn how to talk about Future plans, arrangements, or offers.

    · You will learn how to express obligation and prohibition in the Past, Present, and Future.

    · You will also learn how to talk about real conditions in the Present or Future.

    · In this course, the students meet “The Passive Construction” for the first time.

    · Around 3000 English words will help you to communicate freely and confidently.

    · During the whole course students practice the affirmative, negative, and interrogative form of all grammar constructions.

    Who this course is for:

    • This course is suitable for students with knowledge of Basic English.
    • People who are highly motivated to learn English for different needs (travel, work and study).
    • People who want to study English with a native speaker.

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