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    Effective use of Learner-Centred Strategies in Teaching


    • teachers and educators in training institutions as well as practicing teacher who wish to upgrade their instructional methods and embrace learner centred strategies.


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    In this course we will discuss learner-centered teaching and learning strategies (pedagogy).According to the Great Schools Partnership (2014), learner-centered teaching and learning refers to education programmes, learning experiences, instructional approaches and learner support strategies that are intended to support specific learning needs or learning styles. This pedagogy places responsibility in the hands of the learner and shifts the focus of instruction from the teacher.

    By the end of this course you should be able to

    • Demonstrate  knowledge and skills in designing learner-Centered activities
    • Use Project Based Learning ( PBL) to demonstrate knowledge and skills in designing learner-centered activities.
    • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the use and integration of technology in teaching and learning.
    • Appreciate differentiated learning and adapt learning  activities  to suit the needs of the learners including those with special needs.
    • Demonstrate desirable knowledge and skills on HIV-related stigma and discrimination.
    • Design and effectively manage a learner-centered classroom.

      Your instructor samson Nyangaya is a teacher with 12 years experience in senior secondary school specializing in Mathematics and Business Studies, examiner at the national examining body for the last 7 years and vast experience in strengthening Mathematics and sciences activities.

    Who this course is for:

    • The is for begginers in the teaching profession and practicing teachers as well as educators who wish to improve their lesson delivery skills to suit the the changes in the 21st century teaching and learning context.

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