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Earthing System

كمبيوتر شخصي او تابلت او موبايل لمشهادة المحاضرات و التنفيذ العملي

بشكل عملي بداية حيث يتناول الكورش هذه المواضيع Earthing System في هذا الكورس ستتعلم كل شئ عن نظام التأريض

1-Earthing ما هو نظام ال

2- في المشاريع Earthing ما الهدف من نظام ال

3- ( Electrical Shocks ) ما هي الصدمات الكهربية

4- انواع الصدمات الكهربية

5- الحماية من الصدمات الكهربية المباشر ة الغير مباشرة

6- Earthing System الحماية من الصدمات الكهربية الغير مباشرة باستخدام ال

7-Earthing System انواع ال

8- TT Type | النوع الاول

9- TN Type | النوع الثاني

10- IT Type | النوع الثالث

11- Earthing System مكونات ال

12- بشكل عملي Earthing تصميم نظام ال

:نبذة عن محاضر الكورس

Electrical Consulting Engineer with 6+ years of experience working as a site engineer and power system instructor. Based on my work experience as a power system site engineer we have always studied best and most efficient ways to implement electrical designs for huge projects, Working as power system instructor drives me to continuously research and study about energy management , power systems engineering and latest programs used globally by engineers to design huge projects.

Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities, and possess a wide range of technical skills. I have lectured thousands of students during the past decade on many topics as well as managing, motivating and training a productive team that thrives in high pressure and challenging working environments.

 Electrical Consulting Engineer in a Consultant Company in Egypt

 Head of Electrical Department in a Consultant Company in Kuwait

 Co-founder at E-hub Academy

 Certified Instructor in Cadres Makers ,E-hub Academy and Genius Club Training Centers

 Online instructor in Udemy

 Studied at Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University

Projects :

 Design and supervision of more than 100 projects for Electrical Power Installations and Light Current Systems in Egypt, Kuwait and Dubai .

Who this course is for:
مهندسين الكهرباء
طلبة كليات الهندسة قسم كهربا باور

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