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    Developing Emotional Strength & Stability with Spirituality

    An open mind
    Troubles and Goals, two thing we continuously deal with in our life. Being mentally tough is a requirement, if we want to fight our battles & win the war. But it doesn’t comes so easy does it?

    You know what our problem is? We go through rough times in order to learn & become strong. We impose self inflicted suffering on ourselves so that we understand how our mind functions, how to deal with emotions, how to keep going regardless, and finally some wisdom on “this is life, this is how things are”.

    All this wear & tear teaches us at some point to be at peace with life. This is inevitable, life is but a school. But sometimes we are broken, & feel defeated. There are too many problems, too much noise, and we feel alone, incapable or helpless. What do we seek at this moment? A helping hand, a voice that says “you got this”.

    You are not the only one who can relate, its been since the day human came into existence. Everybody has been through it and will continue to do so till the end of time. While we are in this journey, why not seek some wisdom from the greatest minds in history? It will only make our lives easier, don’t you think?

    This course is a profound understanding of outstanding & exceptional psychological principles and laws of human life, that I have learned over my years of struggle, heartbreaks, defeat, & afflictions. I am fortunate & blessed to have been introduced some of the most perfect knowledge known to human kind. In this course I try to share some of the principles that will change your life for better, in my own limited ways. I have made several courses, but nothing like this. This is special, in it’s essence & profundity. All the insights come primarily from Bhagavad Gita & Ashtavakra Samhita, although I blend it with my Psychotherapies & interesting case studies to make it easily understandable.

    Choice is yours. Freedom can be on it’s way.

    Who this course is for:
    Individuals who have an inclination for spiritual psychology

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