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Delegation 101 – Learn how to multiply your time

Nothing, this is a basic level course.

The Secrets to Delegate better and learn how to multiply your time

If you want to grow in your career or in your entrepreneurship journey, then this course is for you to get started.

“Delegation 101 – Learn how to multiply your time” introduces you to the process of delegation by learning when to delegate, choosing who to delegate to, and how to delegate.

This course is ideal for individuals who are ready to take their entrepreneurship or career to the next level, through delegating low value activities. It allows you to learn how to let go, coach your direct reports to be able to achieve the same result you would have achieved doing the activity yourself. If you are looking to learn what it takes to start and grow your business or career through delegation, then this is the course for you.

Richard Branson said “If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.”

By the end of this course you will learn:

When to delegate so that you can identify the right activities to delegate

When not to delegate so that you can avoid the pitfalls of delegating wrongly

Choosing who to delegate to so that you can achieve the best result and motivate your team

How to delegate through our 9 step process to delegate effectively

The different levels of delegation and how to grow towards letting go more

Tips to delegate like a master

This course uses a proven process in order to help you get started in delegation. Join me on this delegation journey and take your career or business to the next level!


Who this course is for:
Managers looking to grow in their organization
Entrepreneurs looking to leverage delegation
Anyone looking to multiply their time
Anyone looking to increase their value in their organization/business

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