100% Discount || Day to Day activities of an Agile Scrum team in real project

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    Day to Day activities of an Agile Scrum team in real project


    • There is no prerequisites for taking this course


    In this course you will learn everything about Agile Scrum way of working in a unique way. You will learn everything by experiencing it.

    You will also learn how Agile Scrum is different than Waterfall model of Software development.

    We will see how Agile Scrum works in real projects in Software Projects in any IT company.

    You will also learn how different scrum teams work in an organization, and how project management tools like Jira helps in wring user stories, tasks, backlogs etc.

    We will learn the following:

    • What are the different meetings take place in an Agile Scrum team, we will do those meetings and experience them.
    • We will see what does a scrum team do in following meetings:
      1. Daily standup or Scrum call
      2. Refinement or Grooming sessions
      3. Sprint Planning
      4. Sprint Review or Demo
      5. Retrospective meeting
    • We will also see how much time does each meeting should be based on the sprint heart beat.
    • After that we will see who are the different members in a scrum team.
    • We will also see what are the responsibilities of:
      1. Stakeholder
      2. Product Owner
      3. Scrum Master
      4. Development team
    • We will than see what is a user story and how its written on Jira tool
    • We will also see what is Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Sprint Board.
    • Than we will go ahead and see different reports that we can generate from Jira Tool, reports like Velocity chart, Burndown chart.
    • We will than go ahead and attend Daily standup, Refinement, Sprint Planning, Review and Retrospective meetings.
    • We will also learn how should we estimate a user story following Fibonacci series
    • There will be much more as well like using confluence and creating, updating task on the sprint board.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who wants to learn the Agile Scrum way of working
    • Anyone who wants to get experience on how a scrum team works in real projects in IT industry

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