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    Database Management System Excellence: Module 4


    • Basic computer skills and General knowledge of Information Technology concepts


    1. What is the full form of ACID?

    2. Which are the fundamental principles of a Database Management System?

    3. What is meant by Atomicity?

    4. What is the meaning of Consistency?

    5. What is meant by Isolation?

    6. What is the meaning of Durability?

    7. Why ACID properties are essential in DBMS?

    8. What are the various components of DBMS?

    9. What is meant by the DBMS hardware?

    10. Which are the three kinds of people who interact with the DBMS?

    11. What is meant by Database Access Language?

    12. Who introduced Relational Database Model?

    13. On which idea, the Relational model is based?

    14. What are the key concepts or components of the Relational Model?

    15. What are the various advantages of the relational model?

    16. What is meant by Primary Key?

    17. What is the meaning of Foreign Key?

    18. What is Composite Key?

    19. What is the meaning of null values with reference to primary key?

    20. Whether a primary key can allow null values and if not, why?

    21. Whether a table can have multiple foreign keys?

    Whether a primary key from one table can be used as foreign key in more than one another table?

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    • Students, businessmen and general public

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