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    Cyber Security A-Z™: Masterclass Course for Non-Techies

    Be able to understand English
    Should be enthusiastic to learn Cyber security
    Stable Internet Connection
    Have you ever dreamed of getting started with Cybersecurity or becoming an Information Security Professional but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place!

    Introducing your all-in-one course to get you up and running with Cybersecurity and Information Security

    Cybercrime is a global problem that’s been dominating the news cycle. It poses a threat to individual security and an even bigger threat to large international companies, banks, and governments. Today’s organized cybercrimes far out shadow lone hackers of the past now large organized crime rings function like start-ups and often employ highly-trained developers who are constantly innovating online attacks. With so much data to exploit out there, Cybersecurity has become essential.

    Cyber threats can come from any level of your organization from the simple yet extremely effective email phishing scams to the more sophisticated and targeted cybersecurity attacks including ransomware and malware, designed to steal intellectual property and personal data or to prevent an organization from legitimately accessing its own company data unless a ransom is paid.

    What will you learn in this course?

    Fundamentals of Information Security

    Cyber Security Fundamentals

    Scope and Salary of Information Security

    Key Terms in Security

    Types of Actors and Attacks

    Basic Definitions

    Risk Management

    Cyber attacks are the fastest growing crime in the US, increasing in size, sophistication, and cost. While investment in cybersecurity continues to grow (Gartner, Inc. forecasted a growth of 8.7 percent to $124 billion in 2019), it is not keeping pace with the US growth of cybercrime.

    We will also introduce you to Cybersecurity measures that you must take to avoid the likelihood of getting trapped in a Cybercrime.

    This will be a major step up in your career and if you still have doubts you should know I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked so what are you waiting for?

    Jump on in and take your career to the next level by learning Cyber Security Management Systems. I’ll see you in the course!

    Who this course is for:
    Anyone who wants to learn about Identifying and analysing information security risks
    Expert consultants in Information Security Management
    IT Professionals who want to expand their career and achieve a new leve
    Professionals seeking to perform and work in Information Security Management System

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