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    Creative Writing and Teaching Diploma


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    Creative Writing and Teaching Course Overview and Curriculum

    What will I benefit from this course?

    Our Creative Writing and Teaching Diploma allows you to strengthen your writing in different areas of literary activity – prose, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, drama, and analytical reading. This is an intensive program that covers different aspects of novel writing from character creation and story development to that final edit. You will develop and extend your knowledge of the theories and practices of Creating Writing and Teaching, you will also develop skills as a writer and teacher of CW for teaching contexts. By the end of the course, you will have relevant knowledge of pedagogical theories, different practical skills for teaching this topic, assessment, and planning, as well as the development of awareness and innovation in your teaching practice.

    You will gain:

    24/7 access to the course anytime.

    No hidden fees.

    Better earning potential.

    Who should study this course?

    Are you an enthusiastic and passionate writer with a strong commitment to improving your craft? Do you have the capacity for intellectual and imaginative development? Do you wish to teach or offer CW workshops? Or perhaps you are an existing tutor who would like to offer this topic alongside other topics? Maybe you would like to improve or develop a cohesive and defined pedagogy. Could you be a healthcare or industry professional who would wish to offer CW classes? Or perhaps a schoolteacher who wishes to start a mini-CW workshop for young authors? If so, then this course might be what you’ve been searching for.

    Benefits of Creative Writing:

    CW helps strengthen and stimulate the brain.

    CW prevents cognitive impairment and improves recall and retention.

    CW develops critical readers.

    CW furthers student understanding of literary criticism.

    CW motivates class bonding and dismantles classroom hierarchy.

    CW dispels the awe of literature and creates active learners.

    So if you are ready to start or continue this awesome journey, join this program now.

    ‘This course has equipped me with all the skills I need to start my very own creative writing workshop. I have also somehow found the much-needed confidence to complete my long-suffering novel. I have already ordered some of the books from my local library. If writing a novel is your dream, or starting a writing class, then this course is a must.’ Meera.

    Course Curriculum:

    Creative Writing and Teaching Course

    Module 1: Creative Nonfiction

    1. Introduction

    2. CNF Classification

    3. Guidelines for CNF

    4. The place of Ethics

    5. Borrowing Tools from Fiction

    6. Assessment

    Module 2: Location

    1. Writing About Place

    2. Setting the tone

    3. Non-Fiction Narrative

    4. The Lyrical Essay

    5. Assessment

    Module 3: Creative Fiction

    1. Introduction

    2. Creative Writing Techniques

    3. Poetic Devices

    4. Short Stories

    5. How to Structure a Novel

    6. Assessment

    Module 4: Writing for Performance

    1. Introduction

    2. How does Performance tell a Story?

    3. Understanding Dialogue

    4. Understanding Pace

    5. Setting the Scene

    6. Assessment

    Module 5: Teaching Creative Writing

    1. A Brief History

    2. Poetry

    3. Writing Workshop

    4. Structure of Lessons

    5. Close Reading Methodology

    6. Advantages/Challenges

    7. Pedagogical Theories

    8. Assessment


    Who this course is for:

    • For Everyone interested in writing fiction or non-fiction creative writing

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