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    • You must be ready and willing to take action on what you are about to learn


    Are you a mother on maternity leave who is feeling anxious about returning to work – wishing you could be focused on enjoying this time with your baby?

    Wouldn’t it be amazing to breeze through your final weeks of maternity leave, relaxing and enjoying time with your baby, whilst confident that you already have a practical plan in place to prepare everything for your successful return to work! Let me show you how…

    I’ll take the guesswork out of how to tackle the transition, by teaching you my proven 30-day return to work method: leaving you feeling calmer, more confident and in control – as well as freeing up plenty of time for you to enjoy your final weeks of maternity leave.

    • If you are spending the 3am baby feeds feeling anxious or overwhelmed about returning to work,
    • And you don’t really know where to start with preparing your home, your family or your self for the transition,
    • And you wish someone would just hand you a proven plan of how to do this successfully, so you can go back enjoying this time with your baby…

    then this course was made for you!

    Having lived through the highs and lows of maternity leave, I remember all too well that feeling of time seeping away. There were months left. Then weeks. And then, finally, I was on the last few days. The burden of leaving my baby hung so heavy about my shoulders, tightened my throat and weighed on my heart. I was projected back to anxious feelings of early pregnancy as nerves – and nausea once again took its grip.

    Looking down at your baby, you may not feel either of you are ready. Perhaps you don’t feel really ready to leave your baby with strangers- or even with family. Perhaps you are worried about where you will find the energy to work full – or part – time… or how you will ever manage to get up in time for your commuter train if you have been up most of the night with your baby. Perhaps you are questioning how you will both survive on just a few hours together a day, when you are so used to uninterrupted days and nights together.


    Who this course is for:

    • Mothers with small children
    • Mothers who are on maternity leave
    • Mothers on extended leave planning to return to work
    • Busy mothers who want help with planning their return to work
    • Overwhelmed mothers who want to feel more in control about their return to work

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