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    Complete Photography : 21 Courses in 1


    • No prior knowledge on photography required


    Our students’ reviews regarding this course —

    “This course has been broken down to explain some difficult photography lingo and setting into plain easy to understand English and the teacher goes nice and slow so you don’t feel bombarded with tons of info at once!” — Christi Guimar

    “I found this course really helpful and I learned more about some of the technical aspects that will help me improve my photography. The explanations were simple and made sense. This is the first time I actually grasped the concepts and how things interact in a meaningful way. ”  Belinda Walker

    “Its rendered in its simplest way which helps a lot in understanding the course.” — Hazel

    “Great course. Very informative and enjoyable. Very well presented. Thank you.” — Bobbie Smith

    “The course is very interesting and informative so far, and matches my skill level.” — Elizabeth Armstrong

    “… Simple explanations; those are easy to understand.” — Brock Paterson

    “every instructor has been great to listen to and have taught above expectations there is not a single flaw in any video every video was complete and totally informative I feel grateful to have got a chance to study under such great instructors, thank you very much” — Archit Lohumi

    “This tutorial is simple but clear and to the point, good for the beginner, it’s a very complete starter if you interest in the photographer world the teaching is simple but cover many sections on photography world… for the creator, thank you for providing us this tutorial” — Andreas Uditama

    “This course was really awesome and filled with really nice information. All was really easy to understand and a lot of fun learning everything especially from a variety of different people.” — Nicole Young

    ==== Course Contents ====

    Course 1: Understanding Basic Concepts of Photography

    • Intro to Photography Basics
    • What is Exposure Triangle
    • Understanding Aperture
    • Understanding ISO
    • Understanding Shutter Speed

    Course 2: Understanding Advanced Concepts of Photography

    • What is RAW?
    • What is Light Metering?
    • Understanding Histograms

    Course 3: Mastering Architectural Photography

    • Equipment needed for Architectural photography
    • How to shoot in low light
    • And many in-depth Photoshop techniques for beautiful architecture photography.

    Course 4: Mastering HDR Photography

    • How to shoot for HDR.
    • How to process for HDR

    Course 5: Mastering Night Photography

    • Night Photography

    Course 6: Adobe Lightroom Basics

    • Lightroom Introduction
    • Import photos
    • Collections
    • Working with White Balance
    • Digging with color corrections
    • Mastering Lens correction

    Course 7: Adobe Lightroom Advanced

    • Working with Spot Healer
    • Working with Graduated Filter
    • Working with Radial Filter
    • Working with Adjustment Filter
    • Exporting images
    • Working with presets

    Course 8: Adobe Photoshop Basics

    • Mastering color pop
    • Working with Matte
    • Working with Sharpening
    • Sun glass reflection
    • HDR with Photoshop

    Who this course is for:

    • Who wanna learn Important Photography Basics
    • Who wanna learn about Exposure Triangle, Histograms, Light Metering and More.
    • Who wanna expert in Photo Editing, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop
    • Who wanna earn money through photography
    • Who wanna learn Macro Photography, Black and white photography
    • Who wanna Earn Passive Income using Photography

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