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    Complete Apache HTTP Server Course


    • knowledge of linux essentials


                                                                                                       *** 5 Star Reviews ***


    “I felt like I understood more about Apache, now I feel more confident in setting up servers on my AWS account. Worth every dollar. Thank you!!!!” – Sancho

    “excellent material, very informative, Instructor sounded very professional. Many of my concept about this subject got clear now. Thanks!”  – Parvezahmad

    “I felt it was a very information lesson, especially the security aspects. Taught me a lot of tools that I could use for monitoring, security, hardening and general logging. Highly recommend this lesson to anyone looking to get a greater grasp of the use of Apache Web Servers” – Terrence C

    “I am very pleased in this teacher for showing me how httpd apache2 really works in a simple and easy learning real-time examples for me” – Kerry S

    “Good explanation, very thorough. Easy to understand and learn” – Jeff C

    Enroll and join the other 3K+ students who have taken this course and began learning Apache !

    This course is presented for you to increase you Linux administration skills by learning all what you need to Start on-demand career as Apache web server administrator !

    More than 40% web servers all over the world run Apache http as their web server so imagine what could be added to your resume by learning Apache web server 2.4 (the latest version)

    What are we going to present in this course ?

    The course is aimed to teach Apache web server administration for Linux admins who wish to develop their skills with a new wanted skill. this course take you from the basic web server concept to the advanced topics in Apache. So we are going to start with:

    • What is web server?
    • Http protocol
    • Install and configure apache
    • Directory Structure
    • Virtual hosts
    • Aliases and redirecting

    And then i’ll move on to:

    • Logging
    • Security best practice
    • Performance and Troubleshooting

    With that there will be 24 hour support for any questions or suggestions in the discussion forum

    And now after this description you must be concerned on what are you going to get out of this course by the end ! 

    By the end of this course you will have the skills needed to administrate Apache web server 🙂

    Who this course is for:

    • beginners , intermediates

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