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    Cinematography Essentials for Videographers & Film-Makers


    • Camera
    • Video Editing Software
    • Open mind to learn


    Within a few seconds, most people have decided whether or not they want to watch your video. Your first impression makes a huge difference. From the shots, the editing, the style it all adds to the cinematography of your piece.

    You think you’ve got the best shots, but sometimes wonder which ones you can improve on. Or maybe you wonder why you’re struggling to get views or why viewers aren’t resonating with your video work.

    Most courses only show you how to use the camera and general rules. This course will hold your hand through the conception of a story, and the exact shots you can take, and the editing to make your work cinematic.

    The sum of all thee step contributes to the ultimate quality of your work

    We’ll also be going on a trip to Maui Hawaii and shooting a short little edit. I will guide you through the thought process as well as the shots to consider in the scene we’re at.

    Another section will teach you the complete breakdown + video analysis to why a certain shots were taken and edited. The lesson will go as in depth as can be so that you have an easy frame work to understand how to make cinematic videography.

    By following the step by step methodology outlined in this coure you will learn how to:

    -Framing shots

    -Filming technique

    -What settings make for a cinematic style

    -Storyboarding Film

    -Editing Style

    -Finding style to create a story

    If you are ready to begin your journey into cinematic filmmaking. I’ll see you inside!

    Who this course is for:

    • Film makers
    • Videographer
    • Creative Freelancers

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