100% Discount || Chinese Characters You Must Know for HSK 3-4 Volume 16

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    Chinese Characters You Must Know for HSK 3-4 Volume 16

    You may have ZERO basic Chinese.
    You should have determination to start.
    You should have interest in Chinese language
    Have 5 – 10 minutes time slot to study Chinese language
    New updates in Version 2020:

    – All Chinese Characters and its related vocabulary expansion will be edited into PDF book, share in Udemy courses and sell in Amazon KDP, Google books and iBooks. We find the best way to publish online. See our new course: Sell Books in Amazon, Google Play Books, Apple Books as Pro- How to publish your books on the 3 big marketplaces and Marketing Strategies beyond it using social media etc.

    The Most Common Used Chinese Characters- 751-800:

    751 失 HSK 4 LM 920 失

    752 奋 HSK 4 LM 1557 奮

    753 奖 HSK 4 LM 462 獎

    754 孙 HSK 4 LM 921 孫

    755 孤 HSK 4 LM 1832 孤

    756 宽 HSK 4 LM 951 寬

    757 寄 HSK 4 LM 1006 寄

    758 密 HSK 4 LM 870 密

    759 富 HSK 4 LM 555 富

    760 寒 HSK 4 LM 1224 寒

    761 察 HSK 4 LM 1605 察

    762 导 HSK 4 LM 790 導

    763 将 HSK 4 LM 88 將

    764 尊 HSK 4 LM 1406 尊

    765 尔 HSK 4 3211B 尔

    766 尝 HSK 4 LM 1793 嘗

    767 尤 HSK 4 LM 1504 尤

    768 尽 HSK 4 LM 440 盡

    769 展 HSK 4 LM 279 展

    770 巧 HSK 4 LM 1195 巧

    Who this course is for:
    It is the prefect start point for HSK takers.
    Who want to expand vocabulary
    It is also a good starting point for ZERO beginners.
    For who want to learn the secrets of how Chinese Characters were created
    For who want to trace the roots of Chinese Characters and Expand Vocabulary in a Smart Way

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