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    Chief of Staff 101


    • No prior experience is needed! You’ll learn everything you need to know in the course.


    Are you a startup founder or CEO looking to hire an all-star Chief of Staff? Or are you an aspiring Chief of Staff, but don’t know where to start to learn more about the role?

    The truth is, most people – founders, CEOs, and aspiring candidates alike – are in the dark about what a Chief of Staff really does day-to-day. As a full-fledged member of the senior leadership team, the Chief of Staff is a critical hire to get right, and a great candidate in this role is the key that unlocks a high-functioning leadership team and helps to accelerate the company’s growth.

    What if I told you that there was one place where you could learn everything you need to know about the Chief of Staff role? This includes things like a fundamental understanding of the role and day-to-day responsibilities, how much Chiefs of Staff get paid, typical career paths for Chiefs of Staff, real on-the-job case studies…

    Well, you’re in luck!

    All the information and advice in this course are the products of years of experience on the job from real Chiefs of Staff, as well as Founders and CEOs of tech companies backed by top-tier venture firms like 8VC, Founders Fund, CAVU Venture Partners, Bedrock Capital, Slack Fund, First Round, and Felicis Ventures who have hired or worked with Chiefs of Staff.

    This course offers all of the above, AND:

    • An understanding of who the Chief of Staff reports to at companies of various sizes and maturity
    • The difference between a Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant
    • A breakdown of a typical day in the “Life of a Chief of Staff”
    • A step-by-step walkthrough and evaluation of Chief of Staff job descriptions from seed to public companies
    • Real examples of career paths after the Chief of Staff role
    • Real quotes from current and former Chiefs of Staff on what they wish they knew going into the role
    • Custom, step-by-step guides for aspiring Chiefs of Staff to determine your interests and strengths, how well they align with key traits of a Chief of Staff, and if the Chief of Staff role is right for you (and what you should look for in a candidate if you’re hiring one)
    • A deeper appreciation for the nuances of the role based on on-the-job experiences


    • An exclusive interview with Scott Britton, Co-Founder of Troops (acquired by Salesforce) on what he looks for in a great Chief of Staff
    • Quotes from Founders and CEOs of companies backed by top-tier venture firms on the value of having an all-star Chief of Staff
    • An opportunity to get your resume in front of companies who are looking to hire a Chief of Staff!

    What the course doesn’t offer:

    • A step-by-step guide to crafting your resume or finding, applying to, and interviewing for a Chief of Staff role
    • A diagnostic tool for Founders/CEOs to figure out if or when to hire a Chief of Staff
    • Advice for Founders/CEOs on how to recruit a Chief of Staff

    Who the course is for:

    • Aspiring chiefs of staff
    • Founders and CEOs who want to learn more about the role from other founders and current Chiefs of Staff
    • Employees at companies that have a Chief of Staff role who want to transition

    I will personally respond to any questions you may have as you go through the material so don’t worry if you’re not sure how to take all of the information and apply it to your situation. So sign up now!

    Talk soon,


    Who this course is for:

    • Aspiring Chiefs of Staff
    • Founders and C-suite executives who want to learn more about the role from other Founders and current Chiefs of Staff
    • Employees at companies that have a Chief of Staff role that is filled or open and want to eventually transition into the role
    • College students who want to learn more about startups, the differences between Chiefs of Staff at various stages (Seed – Series D), and what companies they should target

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