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    Chef DevOps for the Absolute Beginners

    As we see in the previous section everything is covered in the curriculum .all the necessary basic concepts are there in modules. Generally prerequisite for this Chef Automation Training is the basics of coding. There is no need for any extra knowledge for this course if students are aware of only basic concepts of coding that is also sufficient to go for this training. In the course curriculum, every small and basic thing will be covered so anyone willing to learn chef software and willing to place in the IT sector can opt for this course.
    The chef is software that helps to combine chef servers, nodes, and workstations. it manages the environment with the help of nodes .chef client program run on all the nodes. Chef software uses a command tool which is a knife tool that runs on the workstation. It also has configuration information in the codebook. This software chef periodically pulls servers to check the changes in codebooks which contain configuration information. If the server found any change in codebook then it sends data or query to Chef Client. And then the chef-client does the respective changes. And then with the help of the command-line, all the changes send to workstations.

    Students will learn various skills in this training related to chef software. The first thing is the programming. Students will learn programming and coding in this training, it will help in the development of projects and problem statement. To work in chef software you need to learn the installation of software so that you will able to install software on any machine. Along with installation, you will learn setup the client-server means configuration of a server. Then you will learn how to configure workstations and client models. For designing purpose you will learn nodes configuration and bootstrapping. After the course curriculum, there are case studies on sessions. The case study will help the learner to analyze the problem statements, then to find what is objective of a particular problem, how to design a particular problem, and how to inherit the same in chef software. At last, there will be live projects for students. In which you can design their models and you will able to understand how real-time problems can be solved

    Who this course is for:
    Students who are pursuing their education in Engineering, Diploma, Science, computer science, computer applications and wants to build their career in computer domain and looking for a great opportunity to start their career in the development and coding domain. Those who are already working in the industry from Non-IT background and want to change their work profile are most welcome for this training. Especially for non-technical who wants to switch into the industry with existing experience. This Chef Automation Training is the best match for those who are fresher they can start their career in chef software; this field will give them a very bright future. Those who are already in the industry but different job roles, it is very easy for them to learn chef terminologies because they might be already aware of development skills, web servers, and programming.

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