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    CCNA 200-301 Pre-Exam Practice Tests


    Prepare with complete practice test suite designed for candidates that want to attain the new CCNA 200-301 certification.  Each timed practice test includes typical CCNA exam questions. Complete your certification training with 400+ exam-level practice questions and pass the CCNA exam on first attempt. In fact, experienced candidates often pass CCNA with only practice tests for a study plan. Know what to expect and prepare yourself for exam day.

    The best strategy and key to passing CCNA exam is the right information instead of more information. Learn from easy to understand detailed explanations that are provided with learning mode test review. CCNA 200-301 practice tests are designed to verify your knowledge and prepare you to pass the exam. Cisco has aligned CCNA 200-301 exam with a shift to IP only connectivity and DNA Center automation. Learn with a study plan that is 100% Cisco approved syllabus.

    • Complete pre-exam test suite designed to prepare you 100% for CCNA
    • Study and prepare with 400+ exam level questions to score your best
    • Practice with performance-based labs similar to the real exam
    • CCNA whiteboard exclusive study tool for easy exam day review
    • 550+ Flashcards included on all topics to get primed and ready
    • Learn how to answer exam questions like an expert with tips and tricks
    • Learning mode review with detailed answers that align your knowledge

    CCNA 200-301 FAQs

    There are a significant number of new topics including automationwireless, and cyber security. That is attributed to the popularity of wireless connectivity, cloud and SDN architecture. You will notice keywords such as describe, explain, and compare that are used in the official exam syllabus. There are traditional configuration core topics and new performance-based labs recently announced.

    Number of Questions: 100

    Duration: 120 minutes

    Pass Score: 825/1000 (82%)

    Cost: 300 USD

    Types of Question: multiple choice, drag and drop, performance-based labs

    *Candidates have the option of in-person or online testing.

    Student Testimonials

    “I passed my CCNA exam and this course was really helpful!! thank you

    “You can study all you can, but if you don’t know the structure of the exam questions you’ll be surprised on the exam day. This course saved me! and I’m certified now”

    “I used these practice tests in tandem with a few other resources. Getting multiple looks was incredibly useful. The questions in this package were challenging at times and that really helped round out my understanding of the material. (passed exam)”

    “Nice, relevant questions. Money well spent. Thank you!”

    CiscoNet Training Solutions has helped thousands of students worldwide study for Cisco certification. Training expert with 25+ years of experience, CCNA author, and Cisco spotlight awards. The step-by-step mentoring approach includes online courses, lab training, practice tests, and study tools. It is designed to prepare you for passing CCNA certification. Go to the official website for study tools, articles, and exam updates.

    Who this course is for:

    • CCNA 200-301 Students

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