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    Burp Suite Unfiltered – Go from a Beginner to Advanced!


    • Device with Windows / OSX / Linux
    • No Programming or Hacking Knowledge Required
    • Just google the things if you don’t understand a concept. Take action and start the course now!!!


    Ever wonder how bug hunters on top platforms find their bugs so easily? It’s simple, They use Burp Suite! What isn’t so simple though is learning about this tool. There’s a lot of non-beginner friendly content available on the internet and when you learn from those, you feel overwhelmed. The purpose of mine with this course is to teach you burp from absolute zero to hero level!

    If you don’t know about burp suite, People often underrate you in the field. I have had a first-hand experience with it years ago and as you can guess, it’s too frustrating. Not just that, more than ninety percent of penetration testing jobs will always need you to know burp suite because it’s an essential tool in our hacking arsenal. Plus, you often do not receive the value you deserve in the bug hunter’s community when you are unaware of burp.

    “Doing everything by hand is logicless when it can be done much easily & effortlessly by a software.”

    For all these reasons, when I finally started learning burp suite, I felt extremely overwhelmed with its interface and also felt confused with the so much material available on the internet. Anyways I started learning. Damn! most videos are so outdated, the instructor is in half-sleep, oh wait! I don’t want to read PDFs. Why in this world is this teacher just teaching things that are already self-explanatory and telling to research everything that’s difficult.

    Do you feel familiar with this situation? If you are still reading this, yes you do. And to fix exactly all these problems, I tried my best and crafted this course which is engaging, brief but at the same time, very detailed.

    Learn and Master the Number One Web Hacking Software, Burp Suite, in this Comprehensive Course Which Covers:

    • Tips to use Burp Suite like a Pro
    • Basics of Websites
    • Burp Suite PRO ONLY Features
    • Burp Suite Dashboard
    • Burp Suite Proxy
    • Burp Suite Intruder
    • Burp Suite Repeater
    • Burp Suite Sequencer
    • Burp Suite Decoder
    • Burp Suite Comparer
    • Burp Suite Extender
    • User & Project Options
    • Automated Scanning & Live Tasks
    • Content Discovery & Item-Specific Scanning
    • In short, this means you learn everything!

    The journey that you will take through this course is amazing, it includes starting with hope and going through the content, asking questions, engaging with others; making friends, learning more and fulfilling your desire of learning everything that is practically needed to know about burp suite by the end of this course. You will also receive a certificate by Udemy for completing this course that you can put as a highlight on your online profiles.

    Thank you very much for reading so much of the description for this course! The fact that you have spent some of your very valuable time here already reading this course leads me to believe that you will enjoy being a student in the course a lot! Find the “Buy Now” or “Play free preview” button up on the page to give the course a try today!

    If you are wondering what are the details about the exact content you are going to learn, here’s a deep list for you –

    1. Welcome to the Course
      • This section will give you an initial introduction to the course as well as some tips to get most out of it so that you can get comfortable at learning with this course.
    2. Setting up the Laboratory
      • Here is where we prepare ourselves and our computer for this course. Together, we will learn how to setup an awesome Practice lab for all practicals within this course along with the complete process of Installing burp suite in your system.
    3. Basics and Terminologies
      • The exact shaping of your mind with the pre-requisite knowledge you need to know before using burp suite, will be done in this section. We will learn how any Website really works, see what Requests and Responses look like, explain How Burp Suite can help you with Web Tests and get a 10,000 Foot Overview of Burp Suite.

    Who this course is for:

    • Penetration testers looking to build deeper knowledge of burp suite.
    • Bug hunters desiring to learn more about burp suite functions.
    • Freelancers wishing to add an in demand skill to their profile.

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