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    Automated Machine Learning for Beginners (Google & Apple)


    • No prerequisites whatsoever: this course is ideal for beginners
    • Access to a computer with internet connection


    Begin your AI journey with Automated Machine Learning!

    This course focuses on giving you the big picture of Artificial Intelligence: the streamlined process of creating AI machine learning models. Leave the mathematical equations and Python coding aside and concentrate on what really matters!

    Course Architecture guarantees Best Cognitive Learning Outcomes

    Richard Shinn, PhD in AI and CEO of AIBrain, is the Chief Architect behind this course. He designed the entire course structure to help learners acquire cognitive skills; learning by examples first, then learning based on denotational semantics and operational semantics. This two-step approach is particularly useful when we deal with the complexity of real-world problems.

    Learn Hands-On

    From day 1, you will learn hands-on skills. You will follow our lab instructors to build Machine Learning models with AutoML. By the end of the course, you will be able to build a working AI-powered mobile app. Following Richard Feynman’s principle “What I cannot create, I do not understand” we teach practical knowledge from day one.


    Deepen your Skills

    To make sure that you will get a deep understanding of all the topics, you will have practical homework assignments accompanying all labs. Each lab has its own homework assignments to help you deepen the skills learned during the course.


    Gain a Certificate from a Leading AI Company

    Kick-start your career in AI with an official certificate from a leading AI company! Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded with a verified certificate of completion.


    Complete a Term Project: Build your own ML Model

    As part of this course, you will ideate your own AI-powered product that leverages Machine Learning. You will build a simple low-fidelity prototype of an AI-powered application before building a custom Machine Learning model with AutoML for your idea.


    Get 1-1 Advice and Guidance

    We have lab instructors available for 1-on-1 assistance in case you need help with your homework assignments. Reach out to our lab instructors any time in our AI School Community.


    Join the AI School Community

    Use our vivid AISchool Community and Discord channel to discuss with your peers and leverage the power of community. Share your questions and answers with lab instructors and fellow students.


    Evaluate your Progress

    During your journey, you will always have the possibility to evaluate your progress and understanding of the materials through quizzes. This will help you to constantly measure your success and help to check your understanding of core concepts.


    Build your Professional Network

    Stay in touch with your peers and leverage a professional network of like-minded AI practitioners. In our community, we provide a dedicated alumni channel for all successful graduates of our course.

    The course takes you through 4 carefully structured topics.

    Topic 1

    Introduction to Automated Machine Learning

    Find out how AutoML is transforming the data science game by enabling anyone to build machine learning models without a single line of code. Familiarize yourself with the 5-Step ML Pipeline to solve any Machine Learning problem, before building your very first AI-powered smartphone application in 30 minutes.

    Topic 2

    Vision AI with Google AutoML & Apple CreateML

    AI can help computers to interpret and understand digital images. In this segment, you will train models that can accurately locate and classify objects.

    Topic 3

    NLP & Tables with Google AutoML & Apple CreateML

    AI can help computers understand text and spoken words just like humans. Use SNS posts and new articles to train models to classify emotion and content.

    AI can analyze patterns across data with numerous variables. Use tabular data to predict house prices.

    Topic 4

    Deploy AI in an Application

    Easily deploy models on to your device and test it in real world settings.

    Who this course is for:

    • Beginners without any background in programming or computer science
    • Anyone who wants to automate the Machine Learning process
    • Students who want to start a career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Professionals who want to learn how to apply Machine Learning in their respective jobs
    • Anyone beginning their journey in Machine Learning

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