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    Autism & Disordered Eating


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    Food and eating can be a massive issue for autistic individuals. Many things, such as sensory issues and anxiety, can lead to a person having a very restricted diet. So what can you do to help your autistic children with eating difficulties?

    My name is Loren Snow, and I’m an autistic public speaker and trainer.

    I’ve taught thousands of parents of autistic children over the years and have worked with many organisations from schools to The National Autistic Society and NHS England. I see many businesses confused about how to help, parents lost on what to believe, and autistic people struggling to understand themselves. So what better place to learn about autism than directly from an autistic person like myself!

    In this course, we’ll cover many reasons your autistic child might have difficulty eating and around food. We’ll also look at many simple strategies you can start straight away that should help.

    I’ll share with you my extensive knowledge about:

    • Sensory sensitivities and their role in eating problems
    • How the need for control impacts eating in autism
    • Conditions that can cause eating difficulties
    • Mental health and wellbeing’s role in eating
    • Strategies that work to help your child

    Let’s face it, autism can seem complicated; it can be confusing and feel like there’s a lot to learn. So if you’re struggling with your child under or over-eating and feel helpless, then this is the perfect introduction course for you.

    Who this course is for:

    • Parents of autistic children.
    • Support workers for autistic people.

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