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    American English Consonants for Indian IT Professionals


    • Intermediate or advanced level of English and IT vocabulary


    In this American English pronunciation course, specifically designed to meet the needs of speakers from India,  learn to accurately produce the American consonants which Indian speakers of English often confuse.  These tricky consonants include learning to distinguish between “Tap” and “Tab” and between “vow” and “wow.”  Also learn to distinguish between “Tie” and “Die” and  “IT” and “ID” and many other troublesome pairs.  The instructor presents all the consonants in a  chart to show how they are all similar and different.  From there, you go into detail about how and when to produce each consonant sound.  Computer professionals can learn to reduce or minimize their accents in an IT vocabulary context.  Learn to pronounce words you are likely to come across at work.  Take advantage of the repetition audios in the supplemental materials section to retrain your muscle memory.   Each time you listen to the same sentence, you will notice something new about the sentence that you didn’t hear the previous times.  You will then produce what you hear, so after 6-7 attempts, you will sound quite fluent!  But don’t stop there.  Take this dense course more than once because you will surely notice new details the second time you take it.  Once you complete the course, you can attend the instructor’s free month live office hour on Zoom, where you can ask questions about the course and receive live correction.   The teacher can direct you back to which parts of the course, if any, you need to redo.

    Who this course is for:

    • Indian IT professionals with intermediate to advanced level of English

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