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    Agent of change: improve Mental Health at your workplace!


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    Note: This course does not qualify the recipient to perform any form of therapy or counseling for any other person

    This is a detailed, practical course – with built-in tests to allow you to share your own knowledge. A series of art therapy exercises are discussed to complement other stress reduction methods. You are asked to apply them to your workplace – and even create an (Overcoming) Stress Manual.

    The emphasis throughout this course is to make it USEFUL for improving the workplace.

    Ideally you will work through every section very slowly. Taking the ‘5 – a – day’ section as an example, you would do one lecture (and the homework exercises included) per day. That need not be 5 days in a week but the 5 times you visit. You then post your responses in the Q/A and other students comment. Also you comment on the work submitted by others.

    Remember too that this course is NOT just videos, it includes:

    1. Exercises plus feedback

    2. Workbooks

    3. Regular Educational Announcements

    Of course, participation is voluntary BUT the more you put into the course, the more you and others will get out of it. Perhaps the point to emphasise is that THERE IS NO RUSH. Do lectures slowly and carefully and even when you have finished a lecture, revisit perhaps a few weeks later and see if your views and understanding change, see if there have been any comments about the lecture from other students and, of course, see if the lecture has been expanded.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone working either from home or in an office
    • Anyone stressed in their life

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