100% Discount || A complete guide on how to create a Tourism Experience/Tour.

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    A complete guide on how to create a Tourism Experience/Tour.


    • No experience is necessary just willingness to learn.


    This is going to be a step by step guide on how to create a tour/tourism experience. We will get a theoretical background into some theories and some concepts of the tourism industry and then we will see real-life examples. Together we will dive into all the steps of the creation of a tourism product. We will define what is a tour/tourism experience then we will see how to put our idea into the table and then how to make this idea take form. Everything you need to start and you will need to continue performing will be demonstrated to you. Many people have a hobby/passion that they are really good at it and they would like to make it into a tour or an experience as their main profession or a part-time job and they just need a small push. My first experiences were about local legends that I really love them so anything is possible. Please consider this course as the ideal nudge! I have 3 academic degrees in tourism, years of managerial positions inside the tourism industry but I was still afraid/did not have the courage to start performing my own tours/experiences. In order to conclude as I am mentioning in my course, If I can do it obviously you can do it also. So join me to see step by step how you can achieve it.

    Who this course is for:

    • People who want to start an Airbnb Experience/Tour.
    • Professionals who own a tourism company.
    • People who are already travel guides and they want to improve what they offer.
    • Anyone who are interesting in the tourism industry.
    • People who already performing an Airbnb experience and they need new ideas
    • People who want to transform their hobbies into a profession.
    • Students of tourism related courses

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