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    31 Startup Business Model: Best Course for Entrepreneurs


    • A hungry Mindset is enough to build the next big thing


    31 Types of Startup business model course is specially designed by analyzing more than 500 Startup unicorns and big tech companies worldwide.

    This course is helpful for Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, Growth hackers, and Management students to build a business model framework for their business growth. We will be starting our journey with a basic definition and business model canvas and then switching gears to some advanced topics like network effect, hook and bait kind of business model. The last section of the module will further help you in understanding various strategies used by companies on a large scale.

    Module 1 Business Model Basics

    1. Business model definition
    2. Business model canvas
    3. Business model innovation

    Module 2 31 Types of Startup Business Model

    1. Subscription Business model – Netflix & Shopify

    2. Freemium Business Model – Canva

    3. Pay as you go business model – AWS

    4. Affiliate business model – Amazon

    5. Network effect business model – Uber

    6. Two-sided platform business model – Airbnb

    7. Three-sided platform business model – Uber Eats

    8. Umbrella business model – Amazon prime

    9. D2C(Direct to Consumer) business model

    10. Marketplace business model – Amazon

    11. Edtech business model – Udemy and SkillShare

    12. Gatekeeper business model – Google

    13. Franchises business model – KFC

    14. Ecosystem business model – Apple

    15. Horizontal expansion strategy – Foxconn

    16. Vertical expansion business model – Unilever

    17. Octopus business model – OYO

    18. Open source business model – Opera

    19. Peer to Peer business model – OLX

    20. Razorblade business model – Nestle

    21. Space as a service business model – Wework

    22. Brokerage business model – Robinhood

    23. Dark kitchen business model – Doordash

    24. Dropshipping business model – Shopify

    25. Crowdsourcing business model – Kickstarter

    26. API licensing business model – Stripe

    27. Next Section

    Module 3 Startup Business Growth Metrics

    1. Startup Growth Metrics Intro
    2. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) in Startup
    3. Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) in Startup
    4. Monthly Reoccurring Revenue (MRR) in Startup
    5. Unit Economics in Startup
    6. Contribution Margin in Startup
    7. Retention Rate and Cohorts in Startup
    8. Churn Rate in Startup
    9. Market Size for Startup

    Module 4 Business Model Case study

    1. Amazon Undefeatable Business Model
    2. Shopify –The Power of ecosystem

    Who this course is for:

    • Entrepreneurs working on startups
    • Marketing students looking for business model
    • MBA students looking for business model
    • Product managers
    • Startup Founders
    • Marketing Managers
    • Business consultant
    • Business analyst
    • College Business Graduates

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