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    10x Your Social Skills & Connect With People

    Before you start this course, you must have a open mind to understand and accept your flaws along with acknowledging the good things within you
    Please be prepared to do the exercises mentioned in this course to experience the real change which can change your life
    Please do not skip any lecture and move forward while taking the course as they are all linked with one another to achieve the maximum benefit out of this course
    Lastly, I would say “Keep your mind open” because our mind is like a parachute… and it works the best when it’s OPEN
    Social Skills 3.0 – The #1 BEST-SELLING Social Skills Course! (with over 450 ratings)


    The first step is increasing your skill in dealing with people. 85 percent of your success in life will be determined by your social skills, and your ability to interact positively and effectively with others and get them to cooperate with you in helping you achieve your goals. To create successful human relations, it is imperative to understand people and their nature.

    This course has been divided into 12 sections. In each section, we have discussed in detail different aspects that you would need to master to have great people skills.

    In this course, you will learn human Characteristics and how you can understand the non-verbal quo while talking to someone. You will learn to tactfully agree with people, you will learn to make people feel important, you will learn the power of constructive criticism, and many more. So, be prepared with your pens and notepads to take notes while you listen to the lectures.

    Each section has exercises to be done to better understand the concept. And I would encourage you to complete the exercises before you move on to the next one.

    Throughout the course, you will hear me giving many examples in the form of photos and stories to make your understanding better and more relatable.

    Once, you have successfully completed the course. In the last section of this course, You will learn the tools and techniques to apply the real-life application of human-centered skills and I have also explained how you too can do the same for yourself. So, what are you waiting for?? Let’s dive into the world of creating amazing people skills.

    Thank you, my name is Susmita Dutta and I will see you in the course!

    Are you a Non-Profit or Charity helping the world?

    Awesome! The world needs more people like you. Keep up the good work and let me know how I can help. To start with, get in touch with me to unlock free access to all of my courses. Just message me privately and I’ll get that sorted for you and your team.

    Who this course is for:
    This course is those who wants to create an amazing people’s skills for yourself and experience breakthrough in their professional as well as personal life

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